About Us

Notebuk is conceptualized to provide SMBs and start-ups, a one-stop-solution for all their IT needs. This includes an extensive range of business-standard IT products such as laptops, desktops, workstations, servers, monitors and accessories.

Driven by innovation, we strive to create power-packed business class systems that are designed and tested for robust usage.

Our Story

With industry experience for 14+ years, one thing that we have encountered is that a lot of customers face issues with systems brought online from the existing eCommerce sites where the warranty is invalid, products have been tampered with or the configuration sold from the OEM is not the same sold online or the seller has changed some hardware, systems got from some other country, then sold here and customers end up not getting the support etc.

Addressing this issue, we wanted to set up a place where customers can procure systems that are directly sourced from the authorised distributors or the brand's self assured non-tampered products that has brand warranty.


Meet the founders!

Rishikesh Lad

Manjunath G