Best professional monitors for business usage between Dell, HP and Lenovo

Best professional monitors for business usage between Dell, HP and Lenovo

When choosing a desktop PC brand, relying on brand loyalty is not the most effective method. We recommend that instead of looking for the ‘best brand’, try looking for the ‘best monitor’.  

Also, try focusing on each brand's USP, which can help you identify the best choice for your business needs. For instance, some monitors may provide exceptional performance and user experience for a slightly higher price, while others can handle extensive gaming specifications requirements or home office setups. 

As for the best time to purchase a desktop, we recommend shopping for new high-end IT equipment when your current monitors can’t handle the applications you need. Online shopping sprees like Amazon Prime Day and Flipkart’s Big Billion can often offer the most significant discounts on desktop computers. 

But you can find deals throughout the year. Keep an eye on our list of the best desktop deals to ensure you get the best price when you're ready to upgrade. In the meantime, check out our recommendations on the best PC monitors for business usage. 


Dell Monitors



The price of Dell monitors is reasonable.

It compromises on build quality a bit.

Innovative designs have built a reputation for the company.

Advanced display panels are not available on all Dell monitors.

The company provides comprehensive customer support.

Advanced security solutions are available for Dell monitors.

  • Dell 24 Monitor E2422HN

  • The Dell E2422HN 24-inch Full HD IPS Monitor is a reliable and adaptable display option. It boasts a 1920x1080 resolution and an 8ms response time, producing sharp and vivid visuals. Additionally, the monitor is equipped with both HDMI and VGA connectors, allowing for easy connectivity with other devices. Its sleek and slim design makes it a perfect fit for any workspace.

    We recommend this monitor for:  

    Thanks to its IPS panel, this monitor is ideal for collaborative projects and content production as it ensures consistent colour accuracy and wide viewing angles. Additionally, it is well-suited for smaller office spaces.

  • Dell 27 Monitor – P2722H

  • Experience vibrant and lifelike colours, deep blacks, and broad viewing angles with the 27-inch Full HD IPS panel. The monitor's slim, minimalistic design with ultra-thin bezels provides a more engaging viewing experience. Its fully adjustable stand enables you to adjust the tilt, rotation, pivot, and height to your liking, ensuring comfortable viewing for extended periods. With various connectivity options like HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and USB ports, connecting the monitor to different devices is a breeze.

    Better suited for:  

    We recommend this monitor for companies in the visual and graphic design industry, such as creating illustrations, fonts, and printed materials for brands and corporations. It is also suitable for designing logos, product packaging, websites, marketing collateral, and other projects involving visual elements.


    Lenovo Monitors 



    Innovation-packed monitors.

    The durability of monitors isn't very good.

    A Lenovo monitor is an excellent budget-friendly option.

    Many people consider Lenovo monitors to be too standard in design.

    You can rely on the brand's versatility to meet all your needs.

    NVIDIA graphics are only available in a few Lenovo monitor models.

  • Lenovo ThinkVision E20-20 49.5cms (19.5) 16:10 Monitor

  • With its 16:10 aspect ratio, this monitor provides a captivating viewing experience that allows you to work for extended periods without feeling strained. Its IPS panel technology ensures consistent colour accuracy and wide viewing angles. Additionally, its Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light certification helps to alleviate eye strain and fatigue, resulting in a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.

    Just right for: 

    Designed for professionals who prioritise flexibility and productivity, this monitor offers multiple connectivity options and is compatible with VESA mounts. It is an excellent choice for individuals who require a dependable and top-quality display for their daily tasks, including content creators, designers, and office workers.

  • Lenovo ThinkVision E20-30 49.53cms (19.5) Monitor

  • Get ready for a smooth and seamless viewing experience with the Lenovo ThinkVision E20 30H22195HE0 Display. This 19.5-inch monitor is perfect for professionals who require top-quality images. With its IPS panel technology and Full HD display, the monitor delivers consistent colour accuracy and wide viewing angles. 

    This is our pick for:

    We highly recommend this display for professionals seeking a reliable and dependable monitor. It is an excellent solution for companies engaged in data science, data analysis, and data visualisation fields. Additionally, we suggest it for accounting and mathematical companies.


    HP Monitors 



    Your images will appear sharp on the screen with high resolution.

    Most monitors in this category have a low refresh rate

    Connecting other devices is made easier by the HDMI ports found on most monitors.

    low response time and makes them unsuitable for gaming or watching movies.

    The quality is high and the prices are affordable.

  • HP ENVY 27

  • The HP ENVY 27 monitor boasts micro-thin bezels and a slim, 1.5-inch matte-black cabinet, giving it a sleek and minimalist appearance. It has a black rectangular stand that supports the 10-pound cabinet and a short chrome mounting arm that enables you to tilt the panel up to 30 degrees.

    Recommended for:

    This monitor is ideal for offices that utilise many cloud-based applications and online documents. The sleek design makes it just right for smaller cubicles that don't have space for too many cables or wires.

  • HP M22f monitor is a 21.5-inch (54.6 cm) Full HD display

  • The HP M22f monitor is a 21.5-inch (54.6 cm) Full HD display that is Eye Safe certified. It features IPS technology for ultra-wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees, and its stunning visuals are matched by its impressive feel. This monitor is designed for sustainability, wellness, and comfort, providing an immersive and picture-perfect experience. It also includes a blue light blocker that is always on to keep your eyes comfortable without affecting colour accuracy. Additionally, the display stand is designed with wire and cord pass-throughs to help keep your workspace organised and free from clutter.

    Better for:

    Ideal for any company that works in the video and media production field. The thin bezels give you more screen space for a more seamless viewing experience.  

    Know where to shop for the best in high-end monitors!!

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